Bringing it all together - Integrating different technologies to automate your production

Whatever industry sector you are involved in, RG Luma provide automated lines to assemble, test, pick and pack your product …


Throughout our 30 year history we have taken varying customer’s products and applied the most effective technologies available to ensure that production is carried out in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We start by looking at your requirements and apply whatever automated principles are required to give you a production line that is fast enough, quality controlled and flexible for you to deliver on time and budget to your customers.

Many production processes involve a mixture of demands – Lines may need operators, robots, bowl feeders, test equipment and packaging equipment which individually are only a part of the full story. We ensure that they work together and become a production line – one control system, one aim – to deliver your product on time, in budget and to the correct quality!
How your product is presented is as important as what it does. We have developed lines to visually inspect finished product, pick it up at high speed and place it accurately into your desired packaging media. Pancakes or Paving slabs … we can automate the solution for you.
Our customers often have a number of similar variants to run down the same line. We design solutions with the flexibility to cope with change … We recognise that for your investment to pay back it may have to do more than a single standard. Look at our case studies for examples of successful multi product lines.

Bespoke production lines are our bread and butter. We have automated a multitude of diverse items’ production. Paving Slabs, engine blocks, pancakes, muffins, central heating jackets, yoghurts, air filters, headlamps,  dashboards, electronic chips, bumpers , anti lock braking valves, shower mixer valves, bread, 30mm explosive shells, shotgun wads, air conditioning pipe …. Take a look at our case studies or give us a call … We have the solution for your production problems!

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