Over three decades of applied experience

RG Luma has been successfully operating for over 30 years as a family run business employing over 50 staff at it’s site in Worcester. RG Luma has grown and adapted to the demanding requirements of industry as we look to maximise our customers’ profitability in an increasingly competitive world.

Concept Creation


Our approach is consultative and extensive

Take advantage of our expert technical sales team and call us to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your requirements. Our many years of experience has seen no end of applications as diverse as headlamp assemblies to artillery shells and pancake stacking.

We work to understand what is important to you and then engineer solutions to give you a pay back in the shortest possible time – whether it’s through improved productivity, higher quality control or more efficient processes.



Bespoke solutions working for you

An experienced and capable design team based in house will work closely with you as the detailed design takes place. Our team comes from a variety of industrial and automation backgrounds giving you the customer confidence that the chosen solution will be best solution for you.



Machines that you will be proud to own

RG Luma prides itself on it’s ability to provide full turnkey solutions as every project is built and commissioned before delivery to the customer.

A friendly and experienced team of fitters, electricians, controls engineers and project managers work together to ensure the project comes together efficiently and meets the all important deadlines. We welcome any customer visits to watch the project progress through the build phase as this is often the most exciting part.



Out of our door onto your shop floor

During the design phase, consideration of installation issues will have been covered and it is at this time you will see how efficient and competent RG Luma are when it comes to onsite installation.

It is our aim to get a machine installed in the most efficient manner and with the minimal disruption to the customer so that their normal operations can take place. Our team of installers will work closely with our customer’s team maintaining good communication to ensure a smooth transition



Almost there

The final stage of the process is the on site commissioning. The machine will have been passed off at our premises in Worcester so commissioning on your site is usually just a matter of final setup and tuning. Keeping this period short allows the machine to be in production sooner.


Support when you need it most

Purchase a machine from us and you buy peace of mind into the future.
We can offer the following services to complement your new machine:-

  • Training on or off site
  • Tailored spares packages
  • Scheduled maintenance and service contracts
  • Upgrades and future modifications
  • Documentation backup

Along with the above we pride ourselves on a friendly service with a fast response when you need it most. Contact our service department to discuss your support requirements and we will be happy to take your call.