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Our automation is at the heart of many Automotive assemblies – OEMs and their suppliers trust RG Luma to deliver

The UK Automotive sector is a demanding, high volume automation arena. We deliver solutions to and support some of the biggest names within the industry


Ensuring that the automotive production lines never stop is imperative – how much a minute?? Over the last 20 years we have supplied many automotive manufacturers and their suppliers with automation that is innovative, reliable and efficient. Customers come back to us time and time again because they know that our equipment can be relied upon to deliver their output when they need it.

Our knowledge grows with the market and we regularly offer new technologies to our customers as they offer new challenges to us. As an example, our first ever order within the automotive sector was for a test rig to check that a bulb in a headlamp was lighting when it was meant to. Today we are building assembly lines that assembles the latest LED technology with vision inspection to confirm that any one LED within the lamp cluster is the right colour, intensity and position. “Tomorrow” – we are investigating technologies that look at the LED “clouds” that your car will soon be equipped with. Pattern matching/colour recognition/sequence understanding – We are committed to ensuring that whatever our customers design we can provide an assembly and test solution that helps them deliver.

RG Luma robot glues luxury car body together

When a leading luxury sports car manufacturer required a repeatable process for applying glue to their aluminium chassis components they turned to RG Luma. It was vital that glue was applied in the correct quantities and along the correct glue path to ensure that their car stayed together under the most extreme conditions. Rg Luma supplied an integrated robotic solution which allowed our customer to scan a barcode which selected the program that was required to run. The Kawasaki robot then moved along the pre programmed path and communicated with the integrated Bead Technologies glue equipment to deliver a perfect pattern of adhesive every time.

The robotic solution gave future proofing and has meant that new variants have been added at relatively little investment cost.

Quality Control of automotive lamp production

Rg Luma’s customer is a high volume automotive lamp manufacturer whose customers expect every lamp supplied to be to the same high standard. To ensure that this happens they have invested in a number of Rg Luma vision inspection and leak test systems which utilises the latest camera technology and bespoke leak test equipment to check all lamps going through their assembly cells.

A fully assembled lamp is tested every 30 seconds. The machine automatically connects to the lamp electrically and seals the vents before the control system initiates a series of tests including bulb current draw, LED intensity, Light level consistency, Colour checks and Leak rate amongst others. Passing all the final checks allows a pass mark to be applied and release for delivery.

Using Rg Luma technology our customers can be assured that they are delivering a quality product every time.


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