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Assembly operations are at the heart of many manufacturing sites and RG Luma has a wealth of experience in optimising those operations to safeguard your production. Our solutions vary from full automation to manual assembly jigs with poke yoke quality checks, whichever meets your needs.

“Lights out” continuous operator free assembly – a production manager’s dream! Usually based around single variant, high volume manufacturing – an automation engineer’s dream!
High level of autonomous automation, operator present for change overs and parts feeding for example. Possible in multi variant, high volume manufacturing.
Lower volume production or difficult assembly techniques means humans interact with the machine to keep investment costs down but quality high. Typically the operator would assemble the parts and the machine test them or the operator loads and the machine assembles.
Tooling and Fixtures to make it easier for the operator to make a good part rather than a bad one. Typically with sensing to “poke yoke” correct assembly and screens telling operators what to do next.

We’ve automated hundreds of processes … nothing phases our engineers. They are used to looking at a process, understanding what is important to you and applying automation principles to give cost effective solutions that increase your productivity. Applications as diverse as assembling automotive headlamps to artillery shells to plugs and sockets … different challenges, same automation principles. Use that experience and call us today with your productivity headaches.

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