We make sure you deliver quality ... every time

Quality Control – we know that your products have to be perfect – EVERY TIME!

Camera technology is becoming ever more exciting. Line scan, 2D imaging, 3D profiling … we can deliver the solution that ensures your product is delivered “right from me”!
Many components need to be sealed from the environment .. at RG Luma we have developed a range of test equipment that can prove that your component is leak free and quality controlled – data saving against serial number is common place for us … Give your customer confidence!
From flash testing to low current performance analysis .. we can supply machines that ensure your product is perfect when it leaves your premises. Whatever your EN standard we ensure that it is “right from you” .
Testing your product to ensure it is within specification … that is our job. Load testing, repeat cycling, endurance test …we can design and manufacture machines that mean you deliver perfect products every time.

The confidence that your customer has that you are delivering a quality product every time is the reason that they buy from you.

RG Luma designs and builds machines that ensure that every product that is delivered is correct to your customer’s specification. Automotive OEMs expect quality, every time, without fail … And our customers deliver because they have invested in test equipment that does the job.

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